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Texas Instruments Incorporated is one of the world's largest semiconductor companies. They provide innovative semiconductor technologies to help our customers create the world’s most advanced electronics. Their analog, embedded processing and wireless technologies permeate daily life in many different ways, from digital communications and entertainment to medical services, automotive systems and wide-ranging applications in between. 

From TI’s earliest days, the objective has been to use the company’s unique technical skills to fundamentally change markets and create entirely new ones. A constant thread throughout our history has been our use of progressively more complex real-time signal processing technology – with advances ranging from the incremental to the revolutionary – to literally and repeatedly change the world.

Texas Instruments serves the world’s most innovative electronics companies, helping them develop new ideas that change the way we live. By providing semiconductor technologies that promote greater power efficiency, enable more features, enhance performance and deliver more value, TI expands the possibilities every day for how we learn, connect, grow and discover. TI’s key businesses include: 


Analog - Analog chips are an essential element in today’s digital world. They convert “real-world” signals such as voice, sound, pressure, temperature and electricity into the 1s and 0s that power all digital devices, where the digital signals can be processed very fast by digital signal processors (DSPs) and back into real world signals again. Texas Instruments specializes in these real-time technologies that are widely used in thousands of different end equipments.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) - Digital signal processing (DSP) is helping fuel innovative, high-growth applications for many of today's fast-growing markets such as digital wireless, broadband access, digital audio, high-resolution imaging and digital motor control. Texas Instruments has close to 20 years of experience in real-time technologies, working with customers on thousands of different end equipments using TI DSP technology. 

Wireless - TI is the leading manufacturer of wireless semiconductors, delivering the foundation of today's wireless technology and solutions and driving innovations to deliver the next generation of mobility. From traditional voice-centric mobile phones to the most advanced, multimedia-rich 3G devices, TI delivers a broad range of complete semiconductor and software solutions to meet the requirements of handset manufacturers, mobile operators and application software developers. 

DLP® Technology - DLP® technology is a revolutionary display solution that uses an optical semiconductor to manipulate light digitally. It is a highly reliable, all-digital display chip that delivers the best picture across a broad range of products, including projectors for education, business and home entertainment, Digital Cinema (DLP Cinema®), HDTVs, and mobile projection (DLP® Pico™) for handheld and embedded projection applications. 

STEM Ed Initiatives: 

The Advanced Placement Incentive Program - APIP is designed to encourage students to take more rigorous, college-level coursework in high school. The TI Foundation funds incentives for both teachers and students in the Dallas Independent School District (Dallas ISD) because APIP prepares students for college and career success. 

The Center for STEM Education and Research - (C-SER) at UTD provides educational expertise in project-based STEM curriculum development. A $25,000 grant from TI funded the "STEP in STEM" program, which utilized support from TI technical experts who worked with the teachers and led informational visits to TI's Kilby Labs, Education Technology (Ed Tech) headquarters, Richardson wafer fabrication facility (RFAB) and DLP™ Products demonstration center.

“STEP in STEM” - The TI sponsored "STEP in STEM" program was designed to provide content and training for secondary school teachers, while developing a project-based curriculum in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Teachers receive state-required development credits and a stipend for their participation. 

TI Ed Tech - TI Ed Tech also provided on-site assistance and expertise in the effective use of technology in STEM projects and education. All of the projects proposed by the educators used TI Ed Tech handheld technology. TI-Nspire handhelds and computer software served a variety of uses in the STEM projects — data collection, analyzing curves, manipulating calculations, exploring data — even mathematical and scientific writing and presentations. 

Texas Stem Academies - Texas STEM academies' teachers who are taking part in the curriculum development program come from area secondary schools within the Texas STEM network supported by Texas Education Agency and Texas High School Project. The participating academies are Berkner STEM Academy in Richardson, Emmett J. Conrad STEM Academy in Dallas and Jack E Singley IT & Engineering Academy in Irving. Some participants came from other schools, including several TI Foundation STEM Fellows and future teachers from UTD's UTeach program, which has received grants from the TI Foundation. 

National Engineering Week - TI served as a leading sponsor of career awareness events at two North Texas area universities – "Visioneering" at Southern Methodist University (SMU) and "Introduce a Girl to Engineering" at the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas).

FIRST Robotics Competition - TI has been a FIRST sponsor for three years, and numerous employees have donated their time helping to mentor participants. And, in this year's competition, the more than 2,000 teams of U.S. students are supplied with up to four TI microcontrollers and analog devices that come in a robotics kit for their designs. The teams are challenged to raise funds, design a team brand, and build and program robots to perform prescribed tasks against a field of national competitors. 

BEST - TI has also been a supporter of the BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology) robotics competition since its founding in 1993. What started with two TI volunteers has grown to an army of volunteers with more than 4,000 serving as event personnel, judges and mentors for schools and their communities. 

UTeach - UTeach started at The University of Texas at Austin in 1997 as a new way to prepare secondary science, math and computer science teachers. Its strength lies in the unique collaboration between the Colleges of Natural Sciences and Education. 

Laying the Foundation - The TI Foundation sponsors Laying the Foundation®, Inc. (LTF), a Texas-based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation designed to serve educators by providing a comprehensive Pre-AP* training program including resource and planning guides, in-district training, summer institutes, conferences, and online resources for English, math, and science.  The goal of the organization is to support teachers as they prepare students in grades six through eleven to excel in Advanced Placement* and other college-level courses.

Texas Instruments Math Scholars Program - Texas Instruments will provide gifts totaling $1.1 million to the University of North Texas Dallas Campus to create a permanent operating endowment fund to support scholarships for future math teachers. The grant will be payable to UNT Dallas over five years. 

Dallas Texas Pre-freshman Engineering Program (Dallas TexPREP) - TI is sponsoring the Dallas Texas Prefreshman Engineering Program (Dallas TexPREP) is an academically intense, mathematics-based, summer enrichment program.The program is presented in a seven-week session over the course of three summers, each year progressively harder and building upon the previous year’s work.  TexPREP provides students who have demonstrated mathematical ability through academic performance and teacher/counselor recommendations the opportunity to study in the STEM fields.

High-Tech Heels - The High-Tech High Heels program prepares girls to pursue degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) by working with both educators and students. 

Teachers Teaching with Technology
Sponsored by TI's Education Technology business, the Teachers Teaching with Technology (T3) program includes both face-to-face and online professional development institutes, at which thousands of educators in more than 25 countries around the world have been trained on the latest methods for using education technology to teach math and science. 

PursueEngineering.com - TI unveiled a new website called PursueEngineering.com in 2010, which is aimed at persuading high school students who are interested in math and science to choose engineering as a college major and then as a career. The site, like UnleashTI.com site for college students, includes TI videos, career information, student testimonials and more about the types of degrees needed to pursue engineering as a career. 

TI Math Forward™ - With the help of leading mathematicians, researchers, educators and administrators, TI created a math program that combines instruction, professional development, curriculum integration and classroom technology in 2005. 

Power of STEM Education - This initiative aims to increase teaching effectiveness and build student interest in math and science. Grant recipients include educational institutions and nonprofits in California and Maine in the United States; Greenock, Scotland and Melaka, Malaysia — communities where National operated and TI now has a major presence.


From the 1930s oil field solutions of Texas Instruments’ founders, to inventing the world's first integrated circuits and electronic handheld calculators, TI is a place where life-changing technology is born and nurtured. TI wants team members who are inspired by the next big thing—people committed to making the world a better place and dedicated to doing it right the first time. TI offers an extraordinary culture, competitive benefits, professional development opportunities, collaboration and social responsibility. A TI career provides the chance to work with some of the world's most dynamic technologies that help people learn, grow, connect and discover.

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