The Tennessee STEM Innovation Network (TSIN) is a unique public-private partnership between the Tennessee Department of Education and Battelle Memorial Institute designed to promote and expand the teaching and learning of STEM education in Tennessee's K-12 public schools.


Managed by Battelle Memorial Institute, the mission is to position Tennessee as a national leader in the development of a skilled workforce. TSIN brings together existing, emerging and new STEM education partners and stakeholders in a learning network intentionally designed to share best practices, enhance critical start-up efforts and boost student achievement.


Through this unique partnership and the sharing of STEM education practices throughout the state, Tennessee will have expanded educational opportunities and outcomes, and also create new STEM teaching and learning models that can be shared with the rest of the country.

Key Initiatives: 

Key work of the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network includes establishing STEM Platform Schools and Regional STEM Innovation Hubs that are deeply engaged with post-secondary institutions and businesses and are designed to expand STEM education and boost student achievement through innovative practices in teaching and learning.


The STEM Platform Schools will serve as a demonstration site for innovative practices in the teaching and learning of STEM that positively impact student outcomes.


The Regional STEM Innovation Hub connects a region’s STEM assets to drive changes in content and practice, and promote successful teaching and learning tools that already exist, in order to effect student achievement. The Regional STEM Innovation Hub is also charged with directly contributing to the success of that region’s STEM Platform School.


The Regional STEM Innovation Hub therefore serves as the nucleus of regional STEM activity, for the purpose of transforming teaching and learning in STEM. Other work of the Network includes capacity building for STEM in Tennessee, creating partners across Business and Industry/ K12 and Higher Education, creating platforms (not models) by building on what is already working, tailored to the dynamics, strengths and unique challenges of each region, and connecting local, regional and state STEM assets.

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