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The vision of the New Mexico STEM Network is to promote partnerships, resource alignment, government policies and educational models of excellence that empower all PK-20 students with the skills they need to succeed in an innovation economy.

The New Mexico STEM Network is a collaborative endeavor with the goal of advancing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math at all levels of education in New Mexico.
The goals of the network are to attract sustainable funding to the State by bringing new capabilities, scale, and scope; to attract sustainable funding by delivering measurable outcomes; to enhance competitiveness by building the pipeline of future workers with high demand skills.
Key Initiatives

In an effort to increase college and career readiness of all students, the New Mexico STEM Network has a focus on the high dropout rate of at risk students. The initiatives underway are designed to address the needs of this population and work to engage them early and often to assure their success. The New Mexico STEM Network has the following priorities:

  1. 1. The initial HUB formed under the NM STEM Network launched in September 2010 and works to deliver traditionally out-of-school programs during school time, beginning in middle school. Led by a 40-year STEM veteran and project consultant to the NM STEM Network, partners include New Mexico State University, Dona Ana Community College, Gadsden Public Schools, Las Cruces Public Schools and Hatch Valley Public Schools. Students are exposed to opportunities to STEM opportunities at the Innovation Center, located in Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

  2. 2. Data tracking of students in southern Hub as to their success in STEM areas.

  3. 3. Connections for youth to postsecondary education and employment (college and career readiness) including internships and mentoring.

  4. 4. Plans are in preparation for a second “hub”. Launch will occur in 2012.

  5. 5. STEM Database was built by NSF Epscor office in 2011. The New Mexico STEM Database provides information about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) resources for NM students, teachers, parents, counselors, and administrators.

    In 2007, the Math and Science Advisory Council to the NM Public Education Department created NM Project 2012, a plan for transformational change in K-12 math and science education in New Mexico ( Recognizing the importance of partnerships to improve STEM education, NM Project 2012 calls for the development of a statewide database of programs and organizations supporting STEM activities.

  6. 6. New Mexico State University has a site that connects many of the educational resources in the state. The STEM center is led by Dr. Karin Wiburg and Dr. Susan Brown.

  7. 7. The NM STEM Network led the Seamless Summer of STEM Program in Summer 2011 as part of the launch of the Southern HUB.

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Year Established: 2010

Terri Nikole Baca, Director