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STEMconnector® is "The one-stop for STEM Information." With an innovative product-line, STEMconnector® works closely with corporations and other organizations to provide them with a set of tools and resources that support their corporate development, corporate structure and smart STEM investments.


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STEMConnector With more than 5000 STEM stakeholders' profiles, its purpose is to map the STEM Education activity of organizations and all states. Organizational profiles are under major categories: Business, government, associations, diversity and women and education. Major subject areas are available and cross-referenced. Research is intensive as the profiles are updated and the site includes a searchable database. The STEMconnector® database has given the STEM community a giant resource and a tool to establish partnerships with a broad cross section of organizations working in STEM Education to increase connectivity in regions through working relationships. The site is a growing resource with subject areas added and updated regularly. STEMdaily®, STEM Results, STEM publications and a STEMconnector® Blog and social media are key features.

STEMdaily STEMdaily®'s aim is to connect the STEM Education by providing hot relevant news to a broad audience of stakeholders involved in STEM Education. The electronic daily news provides summaries of 20 stories across 14 different categories with links to the original content in an easy-to-read format. STEMdaily® includes a variety of sources: major news outlets, business wires, blogs and affiliate submissions. After being released, all stories are archived in a searchable database available for research and reference. Sign up at www.STEMconnector.org/STEMdaily

Town Hall The objective of these calls is to convene thought leaders, key voices from across the stakeholder community to present perspectives from industry, government, education and non-profits working on these issues. The TownHall conference calls bring together high-level decision-makers within organizations across the public, private, academic and non-profit sectors with the aim of informing and connecting stakeholders by establishing common goals and patterns of excellence. Town Halls have been held on STEM Jobs, Workforce Planning, Diversity and Women and Girls. Contact Ted.Wells@STEMconnector.org

STEM Results Results Matter! The STEM Results™ Project applies best practices, measurement and data RESULTS to more than 5,000 organizations involved in STEM Education. STEM Results™' challenge is to inventory, document, and make available matching STEM organizational goals, targets, and achievements and comparing them to measurable Results. Focus is on data and impact with intent that programs with results can be scaled up and shared. Numbers count. STEMconnector®/ASTRA - with the support of Cisco Systems -seeks to share best practices information with the STEM community. STEM Results™ documents who is providing the best analysis of Results on their STEM programs. Targets are STEM education leaders-businesses, professional societies, non-profits, educational entities, states, federal government and others - identified to measure their own Results against Goals. STEMconnector® / ASTRA will recognize and honor those STEM organizations that are accomplishing Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound (SMART) Results. 125 targets from all categories are included in our first Results assessments.

STEM Publications Available in hard copies and electronic versions, STEM publications seek to provide tools and resources to spread the message around the importance of STEM. Initially thought to be used to promote STEM role models, this project of STEMconnector® includes "100 Women Leaders in STEM" which profiled more than one hundred women whose careers and passion have contributed to promoting women in STEM careers. Other publications include Newsletters, white papers and special reports. STEMconnector®´s next publication is set to be released in Summer 2013 and will be titled "100 CEO Leaders in STEM" and will profile Global Fortune CEO´s whose commitment to STEM best practices are making an impact in the way their companies demonstrate STEM leadership. To become a sponsor or nominate a CEO contact: Lorena.Fimbres@STEMconnector.org

STEMCouncil STEM Council™ is a formalized intra-company or organizational structure. The purpose of the STEM Council is to lay the foundation for companies to establish internal structures to develop holistic STEM Education/Work force strategies. The Council (name may vary) offers a framework for strategic planning with a coordinated STEM approach and leveraging of resources as well as best practices, and impact on STEM investment. All corporations and organizations are encouraged to form STEM Councils and share with STEMconnector as we seek best practices, sharing of mission, plans, execution and success of integration for ROI on STEM. Much like diversity councils serve as organizing structures around the principle of diversity, STEM Councils help coordinate workforce needs, philanthropic spending and CSR and community involvement with education funding and with government relations/policy and communications. Leadership from an executive committee member is critical in order to ensure that STEM Councils have and use the resources effectively in order to affect organizational change. STEMconnector is working on highlighting STEM Councils formed or in process and establishing sharing of results. Contact Edie.Fraser@STEMconnector.org

STEM Entrepreneurship The STEM Entrepreneurship Initiative supports STEMconnector's recognition that entrepreneurs with STEM-related products and/or services are a major force for a competitive economy and strong nation with innovation and jobs. STEMconnector's Initiative seeks to inform, educate and engage the nation's leadership and ensure that not only students are trained for major companies and organizations but also for entrepreneurship within the enormous area called STEM Education. Some of the efforts include the establishment of Entrepreneurship Council and a campaign for benefitting STEM entrepreneurs. STEMconnector® is building a base with data and reports, including a section in STEMdaily® valuable information STEMconnector®/ASTRA state report cards. Contact Edie.Fraser@STEMconnector.org

STEM Events STEMconnector® conceptualizes, develops and executes key events. One of the most important has been our partnership with US News and the STEM Solutions Summit. Some of the most recent events are Corporate Luncheons, STEM-Diversity Sessions and networking receptions. STEMconnector® supports at least 20 other events per year and co-hosts and supports them. Contact Lorena.Fimbres@STEMconnector.org

States STEM Ed State STEM Ed Report Cards series are issued yearly and were pioneered by ASTRA for use in meetings with public officials at all levels of government. They contain more than 60 state-specific metrics that compare, rank and otherwise inform the general public about important STEM education measurements. Demographics, student test scores, STEM jobs information, STEM jobs information and salaries, innovation capacity and other measurements of the economic and social benefits of STEM education, ranked by State, make these a leading source of quick and accurate STEM information for policy makers, economic planners, parents, teachers and kids.

States STEM Data Through its partnership with ASTRA, STEMconnector® offers a variety of data visualization products that are customized to specific needs. Popular requests include state-by-state comparison, geospatial rendering of data down to county or school district level, and other creative ways to visualize complex data in its geospatial aspects.

STEM Briefs STEM Briefs are major reports or papers produced on core subjects chosen by STEMconnector® team in partnership with its members and partners. STEMconnector® envisions five key STEM Briefs per year that will include an executive summary and a full report coupled with resources. Several of the areas selected include the following: 1. Digital Learning, Educational Technology: Changing the Face of Education; 2. Student Engagement to Ensure the Pipeline to STEM Careers. 3. STEM RESULTS -- Models and Metrics 4. STEM Councils: Models and Leveraging to Achieve Success. 5. Manufacturing and Technology and STEM Careers. These STEM Briefs will be broadly distributed by STEMconnector® and partners, placed on STEMconnector® Site, and communicated through strong channels and social media. Contact Tim.Edwards@STEMconnector.org

Ed-Tech Weekly STEMconnector's EdTech Weekly Report is the one-stop source for everything happening in the EdTech and Digital & Distance Learning space. Curating stories from a variety of sources, EdTech Weekly Report™ focuses on the macro-trends in the policy, technology development, and media spheres that is making EdTech the change issue for education. Additionally, STEMconnector® will track and offer events, competitions, and STEM Briefs™ that will put it at the nexus of the changing face of education in the United States and in the world. Contact Tommy.Cornelis@STEMconnector.org

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