World Medical Association

As an organization promoting the highest possible standards of medical ethics, the WMA provides ethical guidance to physicians through its Declarations, Resolutions and Statements. These also help to guide National Medical Associations, governments and international organizations throughout the world. The Declarations, Resolutions and Statements cover a wide range of subjects, including an International Code of Medical Ethics, the rights of patients, research on human subjects, care of the sick and wounded in times of armed conflict, torture of prisoners, the use and abuse of drugs, family planning and pollution.

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WMA provides web-based courses on the Treatment of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis, Doctors Working in Prison, and an Ethics Course. WMA publications are available for download, such as policy documents, World Medical Journal, Medical Ethics Manual, Toolkits, and more. WMA hosts a General Assembly, other conferences, and seminars to enhance collaboration across the international medical community and to advance the policy agenda of the organization.

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